Langley Osborn

Illustrator and tattooer Langley Osborn enthusiastically brings client's ideas, and visions to life, delivering tattoo imagery that accurately reflects their concepts, and in turn, tattoos that mirror who they are.

Langley has been in the tattoo industry since 2015 but has studied under professional fine artists since a young age. In 2016, Langley received her BFA with a concentration in Illustration, from Memphis College of Art. Before and after her time in school, Langley worked professionally as a freelance artist, in addition, she has experience in graphic design production for multiple name brand companies. Her art education and endeavors have made the foundation of her tattoo career built upon refined knowledge of design, and client experience, but most importantly has refined her draftsmanship ability.

Her artistic style has heavy roots in fine art, but her tattoo style and trade were built upon "American traditional" style tattooing and imagery, which subsequently stemmed into "neo-traditional", that lends itself to more "illustrative" style work. Her tattoos focus on the flow of both the design and the human figure.

Extensive drawing ability, and art proficiency, in conjunction with a sharp eye for design has, in turn, made Langley’s tattoo work built to withstand the test of time.

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